fishing with you all the way

Shooting Fish Institution was founded in 2019 by Sehlule Ngwenya and it opened its door in January 2020.

After having worked in the nursing industry, Sehlule Ngwenya developed a vision to help people within Umzingwane and surrounding districts understand what nursing is all about and create a career out of it, targeting mainly the youths, orphans, child mothers, the poor and any other person interested in this career pathway.

Along the way, she discovered there was a demand in other subject areas hence decided to provide training courses Welding, Catering, Tourism & Hospitality, Plumbing, Elctrician Training, Computing and Nurse Aid Training only to mention a few.

Our Vision

We aim to provide excellent learning opportunities to serve the needs of Umzingwane and surrounding area..

Our Values

  • We are passionate to see our students achieve their full potential.
  • We create an environment that is ready, respectful and safe.
  • We see strength in our diversity and strive for equality of access and opportunity.
  • We are inspired to be creative and continually develop our professional practice.

Our strategic priorities are to:

  1. Be a significant contributor to skills development in Umzingwane and surrounding area.
  2. Provide a consistently high-quality learning experience;
  3. Equip our students for the future;
  4. Be an inspiring place to work; and
  5. Have a strong financial base to invest in a sustainable future for the institution.

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